Commission Info

General / 29 September 2019

If you would like to commission me please follow these  5 simple guidelines for smooth communication!

Include a description of your project.

     The description of your project is the first thing I will ask for anyway. This will give me an idea for the requirements of your project and help me estimate how much work it will be. 

Don't hesitate to include a reference.

     If you have images that you like and you want your project to have a similar feel, look, mood, style or design please attach the files or include a link.

Let me know the deadline if there is one.

     If there is no deadline I will tell you how soon I can have your project ready. Please keep in mind that if your project is a lot of work but you want it done "right now" the price should reflect that.

Please include your budget.

     Including your budget is of great help. The sooner we agree on a budget the sooner we can start working. If your budget is on the lower end that might mean that the delivery date will be longer than usual.

Introduce your self.

     Are you an individual or a company that requires work for commercial use ?

Contact me here:

A little bit about my process.

     Initially you will receive a  few sketches  that will not look all that great, here we establish the composition and we decide where all the elements of the painting should be.

     After we have agreed you will receive a few  color paintings so we can decide on the mood and color of certain elements in your painting.

     From this point on I start working on the painting refining all the elements and adding all the details to bring the painting to a final look. As the painting is progressing you will receive a few updates to see how the painting is coming along and make a few changes along the way if that is necessary.


     I accept Paypal or bank transfer.

     Please keep in mind that to start working on your project I require a 50% or 30% down payment depending on the size of the project! 

Lets make some artwork!